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GAMA: WizKids Games' Other GAMA Talk Covers Attack Wing, Dice Masters, More

Posted on March 18, 2014


We've already gone over WizKids Games' War of Light reveals at GAMA Trade Show 2014, but they had a second presentation too to go over some of their other games and what's coming this year.  First up was Star Trek Attack Wing, which is going quite strong with the end of the Dominion War storyline OP event this month.  Coming soon are two single month OP events featuring the Tholian Web and Gorn... and the epic multi-month Borg event!  In that one WizKids will be introducing blind tournament boosters, single ship packs (at standard $14.99 price point) with exclusive content in the form of cards.  A brick of ten boosters will yield two copies each of five ships at a flat rarity, and WizKids is suggesting a semi-sealed format for the events.

This year Attack Wing won't only be relegated to space; it's coming to fantasy worlds with Dungeons & Dragons!  We'll know more tomorrow when WizKids offers demos and close up looks at the models, but today we learned that this game will feature large dragons, ground vs. air combat, troops, spells and breath weapons, heroes, and more.  Coming in the Fall, D&D Attack Wing units won't have factions but will utilize different elemental energies.  WizKids will roll out a Starter Set and eight additional models with three more each following month.  Due to their large size, the Attack Wing dragons will be $24.99, which makes the three-pack Starter a great deal at $49.99.  Troop packs with six figures and dial/templates will also be $24.99, and single hero packs will be $14.99.  A D&D Attack Wing OP event is on the horizon, similar in length and scope to Dominion War (including a grand prize), but with the addition of tournament boosters.  And while there weren't any images, WizKids also discussed the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons miniatures which will begin with a six figure Starter Set ($19.99) and then expansions of 50 or so figures in $16 boosters (in eight booster bricks).  The minis will have the same great attention to detail and paint jobs as the Pathfinder figures, and also the same broad distribution for main RPG items.  There will be storyline-related sets alternating with Pathfinder expansions, and they will have the same type of large case incentive promos.  Interestingly, the mini line and Attack Wing will share sculpts.

Then there was Dice Masters, the new game designed by Mike Elliott and Eric Lang.  Coming next month is the initial release, Marvel Comics' Avengers vs. X-Men!  In this unique game you start with Side Kick dice and gain points to recruit heroes, spend actions, and more.  Games are quick, around 20 minutes, and the price point is excellent with a $14.99 Starter Set (44 dice, 30 cards) and $0.99 boosters (2 dice, 2 cards)!  Each character in the game is represented by one die, but different cards give him or her very different abilities. An upcoming OP event will be part constructed/part sealed with a $9.90 buy in for 10 boosters; prizes include participation and winner's cards.  Already lined up for the Dice Masters treatment are Yu-Gi-Oh and DC's Injustice, and an AvX play mat is just the start.

Finally, WizKids plans to continue support for their other popular games like Quarriors, Mage Knight, and Star Trek Fleet Captains.

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-Scott Rubin


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