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Events: New York Toy Fair 2014 Cryptozoic

Posted on February 20, 2014


Cryptozoic doesn't have a lot of games that include miniatures, but their stuff is just so cool and fun that we cover it anyway.  At new York Toy Fair 2014 they showed off a ton of new and upcoming products and we got the full lowdown.  First off, the big news is that Cryptozoic is getting into the collectibles game with an upcoming Adventure Time statue series!  They had early mock ups (that we couldn't photograph unfortunately) of a trio of statues, each featuring three main characters.  In addition, each statue will have a swap out element; for instance, the first statue comes with Peppermint Butler that you can interchange with a demonic version!  Furthermore, all three statues can be displayed together to create one huge scene.  The statues will be approximately 12 inches tall and 10 wide, and also come with exclusive cards.  Look for them to start releasing in the Fall with a new one every two to three months, each for about $150.  The next project for Cryptozoic will be large-scale robot figures starting with a 13 inch Twiki from Buck Rogers with lights and sounds!  That will expand into a 24 inch vinyl series as well.

In their game lines, Bravest Warrior is getting a cooperative dice game in the summer, while that time will also see a Naruto deck building game with some new mechanics that will be compatible with anime games. A Street Fighter deck building game is releasing soon that's compatible with Cryptozoic's incredible DC game!  NHL fans can bring the action from the ice to the tabletop with the Power Play game, a team building card game in which you build a team around a captain to score goals (with realistic point totals).  There will be three releases per year for Power Play concurrent with the start, middle, and end of the NHL season so you can stay up to date!  This reporter can't wait for the Archer board game, a "party" game featuring (appropriately) adult content.  Coming in October is the Portal board game that will include figures, turrets, and even cake!

In some of Cryptozoic's biggest lines there are some great new things happening.  The Walking Dead is a major property with board and card games.  In the former, a Woodbury expansion is coming that's specific to the Best Defense base game.  Then there's the upcoming Don't Look dice game featuring tower defense style play.  Similarly the Tokien games are continuing with There and Back, fully compatible and letting you play through the series keeping your same characters, etc.  For Lord of the Rings May will bring the Return of the King expansion to the deck building game, while the first Hobbit game will be coming in March.  That one will feature additional expansions for the sequels instead of standalones.

Saving what might be the best for last, I was very excited to see what Cryptozoic is planning for the DC deck building game... and it's a lot!  The Heroes Unite standalone/expansion box set is shipping now and should be in stores soon.  Then in June they will release the Crisis expansion that adds several elements to the game.  First, there are Crisis cards that be added to the game's stack.  These introduce an element of cooperation as players must work together to defeat the Crisis before moving on.  Eight new Super Heroes are themed to the set, and it includes Crisis mode versions of Super Villains from the original game that are much stronger.  Finally, it also comes with Super Villains you can play in the standard game.  And, all of that will be only $20!  Later in the year we'll be getting Forever Evil, a twist to the game.  In this standalone version everyone plays Super Villains!  Cryptozoic is planning four releases per year for this highly popular game as well as in store organized play, playmats, and more.  Check out photos from the Cryptozoic booth at New York Toy Fair 2014 here:

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-Scott Rubin


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