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Events: New York Toy Fair 2014 Gale Force Nine

Posted on February 21, 2014


Riding high on the incredible reception of the Firefly board game, Gale Force Nine was in attendance at New York Toy Fair 2014 showing off its current products and hinting at what's to come.  Of course Firefly was on display, as well as Spartacus, Dust Tactics, and others.  We spoke with the fine people of GF9 and learned some interesting tidbits.  The Sons of Anarchy board game is scheduled for May, and it features what they call "the best game engine ever!"  It was described as a mix between "Eurotrash" and worker placement with the added benefit of being able to kick your buddy's ass.  Also coming soon is the Homeland game, a co-op adventure in which each player is a CIA analyst with a secret agenda.  There are 12 characters from which you'll randomly choose, and one of them is a terrorist.  All players (except the terrorist if it's in play) are trying to stop the "big event" - if it happens everyone loses but if it is prevented the game comes down to who successfully completed the hidden agenda!  Looking further ahead, a Family Guy board game will be coming in 2015, as well as a Black Sails game that's 15 years in the making (based on an early design for a pirate game that's supposed to be awesome).  GF9 is booked straight through 2016, so expect tons of great things.  Lastly, we verified that Gale Force Nine will continue to produce high quality, limited edition models for Dungeons & Dragons (while WizKids produces pre-painted collectible miniatures).  Click here to see a couple photos of the Gale Force Nine booth at Toy Fair:

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-Scott Rubin


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