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Events: New York Toy Fair 2014 Japanime Games

Posted on February 21, 2014


Japanime Games has had a great couple of years with huge Kickstarter projects and the success of its Krosmaster game line.  To find out where things are going in the future we visited their booth at New York Toy Fair 2014!  Naturally, much of the news (and the booth itself) was dedicated to Krosmaster, the fun board game with anime styling and adorable miniatures.  The biggest news from Japanime was twofold: they will be a Gold Sponsor for Tabletop Day and they're introducing Organized Play in the Spring!  For the latter they'll be rolling out kits every couple months with limited edition prizes for participation and winners.  Get started with your Krosmaster collection and prepare for battle by picking up the game at Miniature Market.

Krosmaster Jr. is coming up soon, designed for players aged 7-12 and packed with 40 unique characters for scenario play.  Even better, the game converts to be fully compatible with the base game so everyone can enjoy it!  Quest will introduce new play modes to Krosmaster with co-op, PvP and more, and will have seven new figures.  Meanwhile, Season 2 will feature all new packaging that's color coded by faction to make them recognizable at a glance.  The next board (after the recent Kickstarter success for Frigost) will be Not Mines.  An easy purchase at only $20 this will be just the board and pop out punchboard elements like sweet mine carts your characters can ride!  There will also be a line of token and terrain packs at retail, followed by more figures, dice, super-sized resin figures, and more.  Lastly, Krosmaster will be introducing a North America national tournament seeded by regionals at 14 shows this year; the top three at nationals will go on to the world championship event in France!  Check out a photo gallery of Japanime Games' New York Toy Fair 2014 booth here:

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-Scott Rubin


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