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Mantic Games: Martian Madness at New York Comic Con

Posted on October 14, 2013


Are you ready to defend or invade the small town of Greenville, USA?  As previously reported HERE, the Kickstarter campaign for Mantic Games' Mars Attacks The Miniatures Game has been successfully funded ( In fact, the campaign is going so well, ($412,389 pledged of 50K goal!) that tons of stretch goals are being unlocked. The latest stretch goals to be achieved are the awesome Flying Saucer, Martian Marines, Stealth Martians and the deadly Freeze Ray special weapon!


Helping to achieve these goals was Mantic Games' presence at New York Comic Con. While only a small sampling of the game was on display, show attendees and Mars Attacks fans (including this guy here!) were impressed by the possibility of reenacting their own martian wars. Click HERE for more Mars Attacks The Miniatures Game on display at New York Comic Con, and be sure to visit HERE to take a full photo gallery tour of the show!



Mars Attacks The Miniatures Game is a tabletop minis game with a deep backstory of conspiracy theory, alien technology reverse engineered, and the brutal fight between Martian invasion forces and desperate human defenders.  But despite all that, the game promises to be fun and easy to learn and play with simple yet appropriately wacky rules.  The main product featured here is the box set that comes with rulebook, Martian Grunts led by Field General Tor (all with clear plastic helmets), US Troopers armed with M4 rifles, human heroes, an urban gaming mat, modular plastic scenery with connector system, dice, tokens, and more.  Note that all figures come unpainted.

- Jeff Saylor

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